Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Torture Facts

Anyone who's read my older posts knows I'm not a fan of torture.

On that thread, here's some facts about it:

Until another day.

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Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Exactly why YOU must repent and turn-back to Jesus. Satan has a sh!tload of worse --- Here’s the low-down, brudda: God is love, yet, God has rules, k? God gives you your whooooole existence to follow those rules. God is immortal, yet, we’re sinfull mortals with a limited intelligence and a finite existence. If we choose to walk AWAY from God, God’ll gently nudge U.S. back in the direction of eternal life through repentance, which I do every month (keeps me humble). If we croak in a state of mortal sin? Fornication? Adultery? Greed? Pride? And we mortals think nothing of willful sin? The Abyss o’Misery is our destination PRECISELY because you thot nothing of mortal sin. I’d personally die for you in an instant. Betchu didn’t know that. Say we were in a bank, a person walks in with an Uzi saying, “One must die to satisfy.” I’d raise my hand quicker than a flea jumps into nowhere. Yes, I know, the world looks with hatred on the term ’to love’, yet, I’m not OF this world. I’m of the eternal; I have nothing here. If you read the story of Maximillion Kolbe, I’d do the exact same thing outta love for you, yet, I don’t even know you, yet, I wanna preserve and cherish life, for I’m a small peAce-de-resistance of a Larger Picture. God bless you.