Friday, November 30, 2012

The World is Getting Worse

There are those who want the world to burn. They speak of 'End times'. They will claim that violence, drug use and war are all on the rise. They claim the world is a worse place now than it was last year or the year before that. They're wrong.

You've surely spoken to one if these people before. They often talk about the good old days or how 'I never did that when I was that age' or how kids do whatever naughty thing at a younger ages than they used to.

Can we all do each other a favor? Quit it. The world is improving. And the less naysaying and hatred we spew, the less obsession with hate, violence, death and dispair we all collectively do, the better.

I know some of you think (hope?) the world will end whether naturally or through some magical event caused by the deity you believe in. Do me a favor and just settle down. Let's assume the world, which hasn't ended yet won't end any time soon. Maybe it will end, but that likely won't be for millions of years. We humans may be foolish but we are also quite adept at self-preservation and we won't let ourselves die.

So, just relax and help the world improve instead of trying to destroy it.