Wednesday, June 9, 2010

For the Degradation of Life

I value life. A person's life is worth more than anything else in this world. This life we have is all there is and, in this acceptance of a very finite existence, that makes life insanely precious.

I assert that many religious people degrade the value of life with a claim of an afterlife, one which is better than real life. This life is it and to waste your time on it, preparing for another is absurd. Some even claim this is just a test often saying their cause is 'worth dying for'. They trick young people to strap bombs to their chest to end their life early (as well as the lives of others).

If you're not enjoying this life, don't just bear it. Life isn't a test of perseverance as a lead up to the afterlife. I'll repeat, this is it. When life isn't working right, change it. This isn't something to suffer. Life is to be enjoyed.

Enjoy it.

As well, there isn't a God deciding what happens to you so he can't 'test you' with hard times. Hard times will happen but only you can change them. Don't wait for him to because he can't. Nonexistent beings have this sort of limitation.

Until another day.

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