Friday, June 4, 2010

Pump it, Pump it, Pump it

Drive you're fancy, over-sized SUV. Make sure it's just you riding in that big 8-seated vehicle you own. That's that American way.

Drive that massive truck of your's. You know, the one with the empty, large bed and the cab with the back seat that you'll ride in alone. That's the American way.

Need to go to the convenience store two blocks away? Don't walk. The weather's too nice for that. Jump in your SUV with the A/C cranked. Leave your car running during the 10 minutes you'll be in the store. That's the American way.

For God's sake, use as much fuel as you can. Pump that stuff. Throw some on the ground, as a sacrifice to the American Gods, Haliburton, BP, Chevron and Shell. That's the American way.

Enjoy your lazy worthless life, no matter the consequences for other creatures on this planet. The less of them alive, the more resources for us, right?

This is human oil dependence at work. That's the American way.


(More hideous images here.)


Amber said...

I don't think we're hopeless. Some of us are thinking and trying. We look around and realize that we can't live like this forever. It's how we're going to move into the future. We're going to leave the dinosaurs behind eventually, and get our act together in a way that has less of an impact on our world. It's gaining momentum. I think there's hope.

Christopher Miller said...

Amber, sorry my post was slow to arrive.

You're right. Not all of us are negligent but, sadly, the majority either is for unquestioned progress or don't give a crap and would rather not bother.

Those of us that care are fighting a massive beast. It is most definitely one of those 'gets worse before it gets better' things.