Friday, April 16, 2010

Darwinist and Faith

Darwinist is a term that needs to die. Darwin died 70 years before we even began to understand DNA which, understandably, is a very important part of our understanding of evolution. To call someone a 'Darwinist' for accepting evolution would be similar to calling someone who studies present day physics a 'Newtonist'. Absurd, at the simplest level.

Whenever anyone, most commonly Christians, mention the term 'Darwinist' in reference to me I usually reply with a snide comment such as, "I know your belief system hasn't productively changed in 2000 years and that is why you call yourself a 'Christian' but, for science progress is natural. Darwin died 130 years ago. We know much more about who we are and where we came from."

While we're on the subject of misused terms, don't let them tell you you have as much faith as they do. You have acceptance, not faith. For instance, I don't need faith that the sun will come up tomorrow. I accept that all evidence points to it coming up. It's silly to assert that faith is needed to believe that the world will work as the world works.

That really is the main difference between theism and atheism. Atheism follows that the world works as the world works. Theism asserts that the world doesn't currently, or didn't in the past, work as it does.

As an example, people die. They don't revive three days after dying. Christian teachings oppose this reality. Another, enough water to flood the whole Earth doesn't rain from the sky and later vanish away.

Until another day.

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