Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Circular reasoning works because...

I met a robot named Robotron 3000. He came from the future.
The above quote, as you can see, was written by someone who met Robotron 3000. Of course it was. See, if Robotron 3000 didn't exist, those two sentences above wouldn't have been written. No one would write anything that wasn't true, right?

This is the basic premise I was recently offered as proof that the Bible is more than a book. God exists and inspired Moses and many others to write the Bible. As you know, right there in the Bible it shows that God exists. Obviously, in that logic, the Bible proves God exists.

Welcome to circular reasoning. In case you don't know what circular reasoning is, let me demonstrate it below:

As you can see, it makes perfect sense. It's a controlled system of logic that proves itself true.

I like chocolate thus chocolate must exist and, since chocolate exists, I like it. Sure, chocolate does exist, but the fact that I like it isn't the reason it exists and just because it exists doesn't mean I like it either. Throw in 'unicorn' or, for instance, 'god' in the place of chocolate and you will see the silly line of thought.

Until another day.

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