Monday, September 7, 2009

Nationalism vs. Patriotism

I'm going to go over this quick. Nationalism is the belief that the country is always right. Many religious people, who believe America is God's chosen land are nationalists. They have no reason to disagree with God's whims. If America commits torture, that's okay because God wants America too.

Patriotism, on the other hand, are, in many cases, defenders of the ideals of a country. This word has been dragged down in America by that worthless piece of shit called the Patriot Act. That's always a problem. Make an evil agenda and give it a pretty name.

"How dare you oppose the Patriot Act? That's so unamerican!"

Ignorance, you know.

I saw a picture recently that basically said that Democrats oppose spending tax dollars on killed, via useless wars, and Republicans oppose spending tax dollars on healing, via universal health care.

Anyways, peace out.

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