Sunday, January 3, 2010

Destroy Religion.

I do want to destroy religion. All belief systems that have no basis in reality, I would like to see fall. Of course, like someone, living in the 1700s, fighting against slavery, it isn't a possible goal. Not in my life time.

The more obvious and possible goal is to protect those that don't need or want religion, from religion. There are victims of religion, such as those that threw away $2.4 million to the douche, Rick Warren.

I just don't understand how people can be so stupid. This asshole shouldn't need your money. If God can't help him earn money through sales of his books or other crap he's doing, God is stealing from everyone who donated. God shouldn't need money, but for him to make Rick need money is to steal.

Or Rick is a total fraud and God doesn't exist. It's funny how many stories and events leave that sort of Dichotomy. Either God is an asshole or he doesn't exist. Abraham nearly killed his son, Isaac, because God told him to but God stops him at the last moment. Either God's an asshole and totally Punk'd them or he doesn't exist and either the story is complete fiction or Abraham was fucking nuts.

Anywho, it's 2010. Happy New Year, folks.

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