Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Mormons do it again

You know who's an asshole? Dallin Oaks, of the Mormon church. I'll even call him by his cult title 'Elder' only because he's so old and ignorant.

So, Oaks proclaimed quite a few stupid things this week. First, he compared the ridicule of Mormons after Prop 8 is the same as the oppression of African Americans during the Civil Rights Movement. Yes, being ridiculed for oppressing others is the same as being oppressed. I don't think Oaks even knows the definition of 'logic'.
Even as we seek to speak with love, we must not be surprised when our positions are ridiculed and we are persecuted and reviled. As the Savior said, “so persecuted they the prophets which were before you”
Yes, if everyone around you is saying you're wrong you...are right? Wait, what? You lost me, Oaks. If reality says one thing and you say another, which is right?
Third, we must insist on our freedom to preach the doctrines of our faith. Why do I make this obvious point? Religious people who share our moral convictions feel some intimidation. Fortunately, our leaders do not refrain from stating and explaining our position that homosexual behavior is sinful.
Yes, you do have that freedom and the rest of the world has the freedom to tell you how much of an ignorant, bigoted, self-righteous asshole you're being.
Fourth, as advocates of the obvious truth that persons with religious positions or motivations have the right to express their religious views in public, we must nevertheless be wise in our political participation.
No one is saying you don't have the right to say what you want, they're just making fun of you for it. Oaks needs, very desperately, to learn the difference between ridicule and oppression. The Mormons are being ridiculed, not oppressed.

Also, he's right, they do need to be 'wise in our political participation'. That's a brilliant idea. When are you going to start? I'd like to know because, so far, you've been as dumb as a brick.
Religious values and political realities are so interlinked in the origin and perpetuation of this nation that we cannot lose the influence of Christianity in the public square without seriously jeopardizing our freedoms.
Yes, because your Sky Daddy makes morals so if his fingers aren't up the rectum of America, then America is going to become evil or some shit, right? No, you're wrong again, Oaks.

There's so many other lies in that speech, I could go on all day. I'll just say this: Dallin K. Oaks is a dick.

The whole speech can be found here.

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