Sunday, June 28, 2009

god is Evil

My aunt, who's a facebook friend of mine just posted in relation to her daughter, Shiloh:

"Shiloh and Orlan just got hit by a 4 wheeler in Orlan's car. Glass shattered all over the kids. Everyone is ok. So blessed to watched over by angels."

It took all my strength to stop from posting a reply such as "If angels were watching over them, why did the accident happen at all?".

Whether religious people like it or not, god is either evil or not omnipotent. If he can stop something from happening, such as an accident, 9/11, slavery, or the Holocaust, but doesn't, he is evil. It doesn't matter his reason for letting those things happen, letting them happen is evil.

Edit: She just posted today that "Orlan ended up with a broken rib from the accident yesterday." I guess those angels didn't try hard enough.

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