Friday, April 24, 2009

The Catholic church is stupid.

I have given up on the Catholic church. Completely given up. They are idiocy and evil combined.

Why do I believe this? This is why.

To summarize the story: A 9-year old, Brazilian girl was raped by her stepfather. She got pregnant with twins. When her mother took her to the hospital the doctors told her they doubt the girls body could bear the pregnancy.

Under Brazil's laws abortion is legal in cases of rape or where the mother's life is in danger. In the case of the 9-year old, both were true, so they aborted the twins.

Now then, who's in the wrong? Who did evil? Logic, at least in my opinion, says the stepfather.

The Vatican disagrees with me. They swooped in and assured us it was the mother for allowing the abortion and the doctors for performing it. They were all excommunicated from the Catholic church for it.

Here's a quote from Archbishop José Cardoso Sobrinho in reference to the father: "He committed a serious crime, but . . . there are many other serious sins. Abortion is more serious."

Yes, you read that right. Raping a 9-year old is not as bad as that same 9-year old getting an abortion so she won't die during the pregnancy.

Maybe I understand sex better then catholics but, as I see it, if the girl hadn't been raped she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. I know, I'm fucking crazy to draw that conclusion. It's as if the stepfather caused the whole problem in the first place, but is he excommunicated? Fuck no, he's not as evil as those doctors that chose to rectify his action and save a little girls life.

But wait, the catholic church thinks differently. Another piece from the article: "doctors concluded that the girl’s immature hips made childbirth exceedingly dangerous, prompting church officials to argue that she be forced to carry the baby to term and then have a cesarean."

If the doctors didn't want to be chastised by the Catholic church they should have done nothing for the girl. The mother should have watched as the twins grew within her little girls body until she was bedridden and, eventually, dead.

When chastised for they complete stupidity in the matter the Archbishop said: “We know that people have other ideas, but if they do, then they are not Catholics. We want people who adhere to God’s laws.”

All I can say is, I'm fucking glad I'm not a Catholic. I could never be that evil.

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Opta Mistic777 said...

My catholic wife was diagnosed manic depressant/bipolar and had a couple of psychotic episodes before she met me. They didnt tell me about that but the Irish catholic family manipulated me into marriage.

On the birth of the first child she became seriously ill and psychotic.

The Catholic family decided it would be best if she died in hospital then come home if the electricl shock treatment didnt work. They also agreed that, if i was a catholic, she would not have become ill. They insisted that they would not go to the mental hospital to visit because Parrishioners might see them there.

They insisted that if she came out ill, that it was my responsibility to take he to my home town and that they could not look after the baby but the baby would have to be christined a catholic.

My wife recovered and I cared for her. The baby was great but living with her was very difficult. Then a couple of years later we lost a baby a few hrs after birth.

I was so shocked and upset witnessing this death. They ridiculed me for being emotional.

They insisted that the child be christenned and named after the pope before burial. They didnt care at all about my wife who again had psychotic episode.

Yes and again they told me, if i was a good catholic man it would not have happenned.

We had three kids and they all say that the catholic religion is 100% horse shit. They are, nurse and accountant and really sensitive caring people. They went to a catholic school for 10 years and church every Sat when in towm. If i held a gun to their heads they would not go to church now. We laugh about it now and they dont know the pain the basteds caused me.